There are ten small, hand-painted journals left up for sale on my Etsy shop! Each journal cover is hand painted by me. Each mini notebook doubles as a small piece of original art which you could carry with you. A place where you could create and explore within the binds of my paintings.


albicantjournal  eburneanjournal

The idea of creating something that isn’t just looked at, but also able to be used is such an exciting concept to me. I’ve been painting for so long and my passion for painting has always been within the process of it. And to create something where the process continues on long after I finish and sits in the hands of whoever it gets sent off to is so exciting.

These journals end up living far beyond the last stroke of paint I apply. It’s an idea that fills me with so much joy and love and excitement to be creating. Because that’s what some notebooks are in some hands they are a beginning for creation. The start of an idea. A place to explore and think without fear of having to share it with anyone.

 I love art. And I love process. I love watching things unfold. I love the act of thinking on something and wondering and exploring. It’s where I find so much beauty in art. In the mistakes and the accidents and the initial thoughts.

I’ve always been more interested in how a painting came to be. How a thought was formed. What the first draft of a poem might have looked like. How it shifted and changed and was sculpted into it’s final product.

lovatjournal indigojournal

For me, to make something that you could hold in your hands and keep in your pocket or your bag or your car or your kitchen. It’s a thought that has my fingertips buzzing. My head wondering where these mini journals will end up. What words might be written inside them, who they might be gifted to, what drawings, what thoughts, what moods might they live around?


Because for me, journals and sketchbooks are so so important. Each journal I fill up holds such a tangible piece of where my head was for the few months or the few years that I wrote and drew inside of them. And each time I revisit them and flip through the pages I’m brought back to the same place. Like little portals to a past self.


It’s the reason why painting the covers of these mini notebooks and sending them off to people who will maybe, hopefully hold a similar kind of attachment to them is so exciting. It’s a thought that has my heart full.


citrinejournal celadonjournal

I’ve always been passionate about finding magic in the ordinary. Finding excitement in everyday happenings. I hope to create little pieces of ordinary magic that could brighten days.

I might be thinking too much about all this, but I’m just too excited over these. To be able to send off my art to become a place where you could also create. It becomes more about the experiences and the life you bring to the journal paired with the marks I make on its surface.


I hope this gave you more insight into where my head is surrounding these mini journals!

Give them a glance or two here!

I would love to send one or a few over to you. Each comes with a little hand written note from me. I hope you have a lovely rest of your day, friends!


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