I made a timelapse earlier this week where I talk about the idea of process in art that I’ll have at the end of this post. In art, I’ve always found that what goes on behind the finished product is far more interesting than the finished product itself. That isn’t meant to lessen the value of the finished product. For me, it just adds so much more to an already incredible work.

I think knowing what went into making something gives me a way to connect with it on a deeper level. Especially today when we’re given so many things to look at and pay attention to and care about. To understand and know the actual human being who lives and breathes and thinks behind the work gives it another, more personal meaning. You can’t see that when you’re just left with a final product.

The final product is left for you to bring yourself to. Which is an amazing thing within itself. But I find that I’m only drawn to a very specific type of work that aligns with what I like to see. Art is such an insanely subjective thing. Walking around a museum I’ll do a quick look over all there is to see and then go back and spend more time with the pieces I’m more drawn to. I also find that when I know more about the person behind the work I’m so much more invested in it, even if I don’t immediately love the work itself. I care more because it goes beyond just being art, it becomes a person’s life as well.

When I’m making,

process is everything.

That’s why it’s so important for me to share the process behind the paintings I make. Even when I feel like what I end up with isn’t very good. I will hopefully be enjoying the act of sitting down to paint. When I reach a place where it becomes a chore or a bother, I know it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate. I think that’s why I’ll never be done with painting. It’s that cheesy quote about how it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. It’s about the layering of paint and the days where I make something I’m not so pleased with, that might lead to something more exciting later. It’s how the first layer of a painting might get completely covered over and hidden. How mistakes happen and how there’s always a way to fix them. How there’s an unlimited amount of work to be made as long as I’m enjoying the process. I think that’s why I love timelapses so much.

That’s also why I’m crazy about the idea of painting notebook covers. The idea of someone else filling their own thoughts and ideas and working out their process within my art has me buzzing with excitement. For someone to be be able to carry around what I make and live with it and write the wrong word and cross things out and sketch new ideas. It’s magic is what it is. There’s no other way for me to describe it.

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