You don’t need to be in a museum full of inspiring artwork or in another country to find things worth getting excited for. You could find so much inspiration to use to create in the most mundane things. The same building you see everyday might look a little different at a different time of day. Keep your eyes open when you’re out in the world. There’s a lot more to see than you think.



I might just be a strange one but I gasp at some unexpected shadows on a daily basis. I especially have a thing for shadows cast by the leaves in trees. All day the sun pours through leaves that move with the wind and create theses incredible shapes and forms on every surface it lands on. When you get the chance, I highly recommend parking your car under a shady tree and paying attention to all the dancing shadows cast on your dashboard. I love using instagram’s boomerang to capture some of those moments.




I’m a sucker of texture. Paying attention to walls and colors that contrast and lay underneath each other is my favorite thing. You could find color palettes, form, lines everywhere if you just look for it.


The Sunset

Look away from the harsh sun and to where the light is softer and  changes color and tones. Sunsets are incredible and full of excitement and beauty in the sky. But the way the colors change around you and the way the sunlight likes to reflect off of buildings and cars and cast longer shadows is extra exciting. I know golden hour isn’t the most unexpected place to look for inspiration, but it’s such a big one I couldn’t let it go unmentioned.


A short walk around the block searching for all of these things.  Taking pictures and boomerangs with open eyes very rarely fails to make me want to get right back in the mood to create.

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